Our Company

Why KableTown with a K? Because K stands for the Kindness we show our customers, the Keen interest we take in their needs and because CableTown with a C was already the name of a store that sold cable-knit sweaters and legal said we had to spell it with a K.

We pride ourselves on being one of the nation's leading providers of cable entertainment. We currently have over 100,000 employees nationwide and six international employees due to a flight mix-up we are still trying to resolve.

At KableTown, we respond rapidly to the speed of change. We have a team of well-trained technicians eager to assist our customers. For example, if your "box is being weird" or "the thing just keeps saying 'boot'" or "the DVR won't stop recording 'Top Chef Masters' even though I hate it," we will be there. We know you have a choice when it comes to your cable provider. Let KableTown bring entertainment to you, because you bring entertainment to KableTown. Maybe this slogan doesn't make a lot of sense, but consider that our slogan guy, Gary, was in the hospital when he came up with it.

This year, KableTown is delighted to join ranks with the NBC family. After competing with no one to buy this flagship network, we are happy to bring our tradition of commitment, service and family values to such popular shows as "Fat Camp," "Celebrity Urologist" and "Take My Wife, Please." These life-affirming reality programs have brought happiness to millions of households, and we hope to extend that effort with a new slate of scripted television, including some potential remakes. Like "Quantum Leap"!  Who in their right mind doesn't want to see Scott Bakula return as Dr. Samuel Beckett, the handsome and charming time traveler? If you don't like this idea, blame Gary. Not only is he our slogan guy, he's also the head of development.

Here at KableTown, we believe everyone should have a part. Like KableTown CEO Hank Hooper says in his book "In the Hoop": "If you're not part of something, you're just not apart of anything, darn it. And that's really nothing. Ain't that something? Ha!" In keeping with that spirit, we welcome you to say hello in our comments section below. Unless you're racist or crazy.  Or Gary's ex-wife. She's all three! Why do you think he's in the hospital?

At KableTown, we don't bring good things to life. We bring excellence to every life.